Jakob Quinn gets the job after submitting his new headshot and nailing the audition!





New young actress/model Julia Luis hits her mark on her first pro photo shoot!

Look 1: Julia’s first shot is pretty in pink. The clean light and her bright smile make this a perfect commercial look.Look 2: The second shot is with natural light only and has a subtle theatrical feel.

Look 3: The final look is outdoors and showcases Julia’s model attributes and fun personality.

Hair and Make-up by Marina Proctor www.marinaproctor.com



Ari Gwasdoff 3 look session a hit!


Actor Ari Gwasdoff got three amazing looks from his 3 looks for $300 special!

The first look was backlit allowing the sun to hit his shoulders enhancing the natural outdoorsy feel of this image. Ari’s natural good looks were enhanced by the casual style and earthy green color of his wardrobe.

The second look was  dramatically but cleanly lit in the studio. The conservative wardrobe was uplifted by his warm, confident and trusting smile lending this image to a memorable commercial look for Ari.

The third and final look of the session was shot outdoors. The slight shading of the left side of Ari’s face and his casual grin and stylish jacket impress upon the viewer a ‘good guy/bad boy (Entourage)’ type feel, giving Ari a good range of images to submit for different parts.


Marketing Exec, Heidi Hoff’s beautiful 3 look session!













Heidi shines in her photo session! You would never guess by these striking images that being photographed isn’t exactly her comfort zone.

Good stuff girl!

And a special thanks to our fabulous crew, amazing as usual.


Gabriella Muttone (photos and styling), Christophe K Myers (photos), Becca Fierro (hair and make-up)






Actor Cesar Jurado’s knockout ‘one look’ session!









Actor Cesar Jurado called the studio at noon looking to get a quick ‘one look’ photo session asap.

By 3 pm the same day Cesar had his amazing headshot!

Photo by Gabriella

Actor Josh Hillinger’s recent photo session with Gabriella and Christophe

Josh needed to get 3 different looks from his photo session to show his versatility as an actor.

He decided to go with a natural yet commercial look for his first shot.

For his second look we went for a comedic flair which allowed Josh to be more expressive physically.

The third look allowed Josh to focus on and play out his smooth tough guy appeal.

Great session Josh!!!

Make-up by Becca Fierro

McKenna Kelly-Eiding session 05.2011

Hi everyone! So excited to get this lovely email (below) from McKenna’s Dad with comments about her gorgeous photos, I just had to share.
Hi Gabriella,
Just wanted to give you an idea of the response McKenna has been getting from your work on facebook.  These are since Saturday.We love your work, too.  :)Hope you’re enjoying the holiday weekend.

Paul and Colleen

Photo by Gabriella MuttoneSaturday ·

Wesley Moomaw session 06.13.2011

It was a beautiful afternoon for an outdoor shoot with Wesley so we did all 3 looks outside.

Have a look at the final edit…

Great stuff Wesley…very nice to have had the pleasure to shoot you and all the best in your acting/modelling career!




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